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Luckily this will not be the last post about Bonneville Salt Flats but with this third issue of A Pinch of Salt I have shared with all of you almost all the pics taken during those three days. I will not say that I think about Bonneville on a daily basis but one year after I can’t help dreaming about it now and then.

It is a fact, the more you see the pictures the more you want to go back.

There I was. Having followed precisely all the indications provided by Irish Muph, I got off of I-80 at exit 4 and filled up my tank at the iconic Sinclair gas station, right next to the Salt Flats Mexican Cafe. I turned on the BMW and I moved forward to The Bend in the Road and a little bit further the so dreamed Bonneville Salt Flats. The feeling was so intense, so pure, so exiting that I could even smell the gasoline in the air… until I realized that my gas cap was opened and some gasoline drops where landing in my face. I was finally at Bonneville Salt Flats.