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It was a hell of a storm. One of the worst in my life if not the wildest. Scary.

While praying for my tent every now and then, I spent a couple of hours inside the restrooms of the campsite and I had a couple of visitors too!. Warm air to dry the wet clothes, a tiny corner to place all my stuff outside the tent and a plastic chair to read a little bit.

While waiting for the storm to stop, I walked towards the threshold of the door and checked whether the tent was still there or flying back to Bonneville.

The kindest neighbor in the world of campsites, come by my place and offer a cup of hot chocolate and nice conversation (as in 99,9% of the times in the States, I love that). We chat about  fossils and we smoked.

Long before the sun had rised up, I woke up with the roaring sound of a couple of cars near my tent. I did not want to believie it but raindrops where also poking my tent telling me it was time to pack and run as the soil in The Bend in the Road gets very muddy when it rains. After sharing some coffee and cigarettes with the owner of a typical pick up at the Sinclair gas station while we were listening to the weather forecast in his radio I decided that it was time to move on and farewell to Bonneville speedway. I headed for Delta, to the car show, with a black storm over Wendover just behind me but the first sun rays ol light began to show in the west horizon. It was time to ride.

I met this guy during the World of Speed. He was quite a character. I would be lying if I say that I remember his name and I know it sounds awful when you don’t remember the name of someone you have met while travelling but it is the way I am as a traveller to forget names if I don’t write them down in my notebook. The thing is that we chat a couple of times those days on the salt. He didn’t drink, it waked his demons up, and to whom not? I thought. He lived with his mother and during his travels he slept in a small custom caravan built up by himself.

We met again by chance a few days later in a car show in Delta (Utah).  He was in a car wash polishing his car and it was then when I noticed the sticker and what it prayed. I immediately understood that he was not crazier that those who are lost in their own lifes without travelling.

This first picture has been the first one taken by me published in a magazine. Because of that I am eternally grateful to Kristina Fender.