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September is around the corner, so it is Kustom Day!

I would say it was a perfect day but what the hell!, no doubt it was. After CRD’s founder and friend Pedro Garcia invited us for breakfast at El Diamante, we leap over our motorbikes and the wild bunch headed to Jarama Race Track where the vintage festival took place. It was a nice sunny day of october, the temperature was perfectly standable riding on the motorbike or walking among the classics with the camera.

It was my first time in this event and I was pleasingly surprised by the atmosphere, the organization and the profile of the public in general, a quite balanced mixture of tough guys, classic and vintage lovers, refurbishers and world champions like Agostini and Nieto.

In some way, for those like me who have been in touch with motorcycles since an early age, walking among all these jewels was like a time travelling.

Memories arised from the inside out.

Last Sunday, the second race of the Rebull Best Crono Madrid Open season took place  in Boadilla del Monte, the town where I grew up and was a preferential witness of a brat like me, taking his first steps on both, bicycles and motorbikes.

This time, the race was aimed to be a Criterium, which in this occasion means that riders had to take 23 laps around a 1.3 kms (0,9 miles aprox.)  urban circuit.

In terms of classification my participation was a disaster as I had a flat tyre not even having completed the first lap!. A huge failure in this way but a great success in many others. I had the chance to participate for the first time in this type of event (I have been in some alleycats though) and because of this, I can’t stop thinking about being in the next one and do it better. According to this, I’ll have to train harder in order to reach the desire improvement.

It was also a success in the way that it meant a chance to learn from the riders with more experience, so I took some good notes about some criterium stuff.

Once upon a time… Well, basically and in a nutshell what happened to us (Sol, Natalia, Javi and me) this Easter Week was that a street dog  didn’t pay attention to us because it was staring at the river, so we decided to cross the river under the snowfall, and then we jumped a barb wire fence to find spiderman completely frozen so we try to call an ambulance from a boot phone (can you believe that?!) and nobody answered so we went to the church to pray for the soul of a superhero while some locals where laughing at us and the growns-ups with their long faces. And we run, and we rode the bicycles and we took all the mud with us… The End.

But above all these, we did have fun!

I met this guy during the World of Speed. He was quite a character. I would be lying if I say that I remember his name and I know it sounds awful when you don’t remember the name of someone you have met while travelling but it is the way I am as a traveller to forget names if I don’t write them down in my notebook. The thing is that we chat a couple of times those days on the salt. He didn’t drink, it waked his demons up, and to whom not? I thought. He lived with his mother and during his travels he slept in a small custom caravan built up by himself.

We met again by chance a few days later in a car show in Delta (Utah).  He was in a car wash polishing his car and it was then when I noticed the sticker and what it prayed. I immediately understood that he was not crazier that those who are lost in their own lifes without travelling.

This first picture has been the first one taken by me published in a magazine. Because of that I am eternally grateful to Kristina Fender.