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When I lack of inspiration to write a new post (fact: happens very often) or I am just drowning in a sea of pictures from the last shooting or travel, I use to go back in time and review old pictures. Look at things with some distance can be very helpful… sometimes.

I try not to stay in the past for a long time, otherwise I can end up feeling kind of  dizzy, but I just may find something insparing and that will make the day for me.

In normal circumstances, your skills should improve with time and practice, but it also true that some ingenuity is lost.










It is not only inside the walls of citadels where we will find surprising secrets but around the corners of small villages like Patones de Arriba (Madrid). In fact this time this iconic van was awaiting for us at the very entrance of the village. _MG_3812_RAWPROC_BW_SMALL20



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