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This picture has been taken today at Acero Recycling Bicycles & CRD Mortorcycles workshop.

Sometimes, even though there’s a traffic signal warning you that the road is closed because of the snow, you decide to ignore it and check by yourself if there is a what if… Well, we did that , and we did check that the road was closed exactly how the traffic signal said but we did find a secret place lost in Yosemite.

It was a hell of a storm. One of the worst in my life if not the wildest. Scary.

While praying for my tent every now and then, I spent a couple of hours inside the restrooms of the campsite and I had a couple of visitors too!. Warm air to dry the wet clothes, a tiny corner to place all my stuff outside the tent and a plastic chair to read a little bit.

While waiting for the storm to stop, I walked towards the threshold of the door and checked whether the tent was still there or flying back to Bonneville.

The kindest neighbor in the world of campsites, come by my place and offer a cup of hot chocolate and nice conversation (as in 99,9% of the times in the States, I love that). We chat about  fossils and we smoked.

Long before the sun had rised up, I woke up with the roaring sound of a couple of cars near my tent. I did not want to believie it but raindrops where also poking my tent telling me it was time to pack and run as the soil in The Bend in the Road gets very muddy when it rains. After sharing some coffee and cigarettes with the owner of a typical pick up at the Sinclair gas station while we were listening to the weather forecast in his radio I decided that it was time to move on and farewell to Bonneville speedway. I headed for Delta, to the car show, with a black storm over Wendover just behind me but the first sun rays ol light began to show in the west horizon. It was time to ride.

Since Spainair’s president Ferran Soriano, decided to cease the airline operation last 27th of January due to his disastrous management and cowardice along with many other political intererests, Spanair employees, the most valuable asset of this family, are living difficult times.

But today has been a special day. A day to be proud of. A day to be remembered because of the greatness of this great family and specially because of two of his fellow members, Lennart Cromstedt and  Luca Abbamonte.

Since Spanair decided not to pay employees insurance for illness and disability without informing them of this decision (although this concept has been appearing in the payslip until the last one), Luca Abbamonte, who is siriously ill of cancer, and his familiy, have been left to their luck by the company and any other public administration. Shameful.

But now and then, someone turns up and does what it has to be done. A hero, representing the people and families fighthing for their rights. Heroic.

Lennart Cromstedt, Spanair flight attendant, has covered more than 600 kilometers (more than 370 miles) running from Barcelona to Madrid in 15 days, in an heroically unprecedented act to rise money for his fellow Lucca and protest against the closure of the airline.

This an example in all the ways for everyone, myself in first place. Something to think about before we want to throw in the towel next time when facing our big daily problems.


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